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Climate and Weather in Hue Vietnam

Weather in HueTourists will have a chance to get experience about the weather in Hue Vietnam. The condition and special climate are different from the weather and climate in North and the South of Vietnam.

Climate and weather in Hue City

Hue is a tourist city located in the middle of the S-shaped strip of land with many famous historical monuments and landscapes.
Hue City belongs to the tropical monsoon climate area, but the nature of the transition from subequatorial to the monsoon internal tropics. Hence, it has no specific winter and dry seasons like the North and the South of Vietnam.

Two kinds of weather in Hue are hot dry and wet cold. Because of the Southwest wind, the hot season usually begins from May to September annually. The average temperature in this season is from 27 up to 29 degrees C. The highest temperature is in May and June with the temperature is above normal as 38-40 degrees C.
However, the cold season lasts from October to March next year. At this time, due to the influence of the Northwest monsoon rainfall so Hue rains a lot and the weather is too cold for the local people. The average temperature is from 20-22 degrees C. The lowest can fall to 9 degrees C.

Weather hue vietnam
Hue Rain – Photo by Nguyen Doan Quang

“Hue rain” makes many tourists impressive when coming to this city. This is considered as a “specialty” and usually, begins at the end of September every year. The interminable rain has appeared in songs, poems and paintings of many authors when writing or painting about Hue Ancient City. Hue rain truly brings the endless inspiration of the artistic creativity; this is suitable for enjoying music, poetry, tea or meditation in this area.

Although the weather in Hue is quite hard, the local here have sought to adapt and transform it into a “typical” for the tourism development. There are many restaurants, hotels and coffee shops designed with the theme of rain. The local people have turned this disadvantage into the advantage to develop the art or craft products or souvenirs such as hats, umbrellas, raincoats, cyclo, dragon boat with the roof, and etc.

Nowadays, many tourists visit Hue Vietnam in the rain season. They want to contemplate the ancient pensive beauty of the tombs, pagodas and royal palaces and Hue daily life in the rain.

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