Unforgettable local food dishes in Quang Binh, Vietnam

Quang Binh has a lot of famous destinations such as Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, or Nhat Le Beach. When traveling to Quang Binh, many tourists are attracted by a lot of local dishes. This area has its own local dishes which makes the Quang Binh cuisine unique.

1. Khoai deo – Dry Sweet Potato

Unforgettable dishes in Quang Binh
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The sweet potato can be cooked into many delicious dishes such as baked sweet potato, soup, jam, or fried dishes. But, in Quang Binh, the sweet potato is nicely processed into Khoai Deo, which is the only speciality in this area.

Unforgettable dishes in Quang Binh
Photo by Hai Dang

Dry-sweet potato is made of the common potato. The process of making Khoai Deo is as simple as the life of people here. Fresh potatoes kept for a while to reduce the water, then washed, boiled, peeled, and sliced thinly. It is dry in the hot sun until it changes color into dark orange. Eating dry potato with hot tea is too wonderful. This is real local food in the list of the cuisine of Quang Binh.

2. Brown rice pancakes (Banh Xeo gao lut)

Different from other all kinds of pancakes are often seen, Quang cuisine has rice pancakes made of red rice flour.

Unforgettable dishes in Quang Binh
Photo by Ma Lum

To make brown rice pancakes, the process of making dough is elaborate. Firstly, people have to soak the brown rice in the water for several hours, grind with stone mortar until smooth, and then bring flour to pour into the hot pan with oil. To taste the pancakes more delicious, you should add a little green onion and salt.

3. Quang Binh’s mussel with rice paper (Chat Chat Banh Trang Quang Binh)

mussel with rice paper in Quang Binh
Mussel Rice in Quang Binh. Photo by Tigon

These are small mussel living at the mouth of the estuary of the river. People catch them and boil to get the meat. Then, these small mussels are fried with hot oil, red shallots, salt, and peppers.

Taste the small mussels with rice paper. That is very delicious. This dish is different, and has rich nutrition.

4. Khoai hot pot (Lau Ca Khoai)

Local food in Quang Binh
Photo by Vanlehp

Khoai hot pot is a kind of fishes which has soft bone, so many people also called it “flour fish”. The fishes in Quang Binh are caught and sold directly to the restaurants, so the fishes are very fresh. This makes hot pot more delicious than other places.

The fishes are marinated with peppers, chilli, fish sauce and dill to make the hot pot. When eating, people boil the soup in the pot and put the fish in boiling water, wait few minutes. That is ready to taste.

Quang Binh cuisine has its own flavor. Many local food dishes are waiting for you to taste.

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