Top tourist attractions to see in Dalat Vietnam

Dalat is a land of romantic, famous, cool climate and charming natural scenery, so all year is a tourist season here. Now, we will introduce to you the beautiful tourist attractions in Dalat city, Central Highlands of Vietnam, that you should know when coming to this city.

What are great attractions to see when visiting Dalat?

1. Lam Vien Square

If you have plans to come to Dalat, then definitely have to go to Lam Vien Square. With an area of 72,000 m2, this place is beautifully decorated in the heart of the dream city. It is also impressive by works of art with flower buds which create unique characteristics for Dalat. Come to Dalat that you forget this place to check – in, you will regret it.

Lam Vien Square
Photo by Hoang Le Hai Thanh

2. Langbiang Mountain – background cool

Langbiang Mountain is considered to be the roof of Dalat, about 12km from Dalat City, in the district of Lac Duong. Come here you will be stunned by the scenery, looks extremely Western. You will have to hold the camera running around.

Langbiang Mountain
Langbiang Mountain is considered to be the roof of Dalat. Photo by Irene

3. The old train station of Dalat

Dalat Train Station is a wonderful place for you to live the virtual life. The building is designed according to Western architecture in harmony with the natural landscape is also very European. This is always the favorite place of young people to visit Dalat to get the picture super cool.

Da Lat station
Dalat Station is a wonderful place for you to live the virtual life. Photo by Internet

4. Dalat Milk Farm

Dalat Milk Farm is the next virtual living space for you. It is located in Tutra commune, Don Duong district, Dalat city. Here, there are not only the dairy and pasture fields but also the dragonfly garden, green lake, and houses with the new architecture. Therefore, it is always the destination of many young people.

Da Lat Milk Farm
Photo by Jullyle

5. Thien Phuc Duc Hill

The next romantic hill that I want to share with you is Thien Phuc Duc Hill. It is located about 10km from the center of town and opposite with Langbiang Mountain. Thien Phuc Duc Hill seems to have only been known, so it is still very primitive. This place attracts many people to come because of wild beauty, majestic, and the mist with the sweet ray of sunshine. This place is also unique because of the lonely pine trees. It seems to wait for something with a solitary appearance.

Thien Phuc Duc Hill
Photo by Thuy Chi Le

6. Ghost forest

Another popular place is Ghost forest. Listening to the name seems a bit scary, but to this place, you will be utterly fascinated by the beauty of it.

ma rung lu quan
Photo by Van Nguyen

7. Dalat Pedagogy College

Come to this school, you will have the feeling of moving to a school in Europe. From the architecture to the scene, everything exudes an ancient Western beauty. Yersin Road No. 29 is the address for you to find this unique school.

Da Lat Pedagogy College
An ancient beauty of France architecture in Dalat Pedagogy College. Photo by Khanh Hmoong

8. Dalat Snowfield

From a field of grass, each morning, a blanket of white fog covered up, so many people call it snowfield. If you are also fascinated by the mist, choose your own time frame from 6 to 8 am, because the pure mist is not melted yet, it is still on the grass field will give you a beautiful picture.

Da Lat Snow field
Da Lat Snowfield – Photo by Ut_phucat

9. Cau Dat Tea Hill

A “free” attraction and also among the top places in Dalat is Cau Dat Tea Hill.  When you come here, you will be taken to the port for free and enjoy the fresh air with the extremely cool landscape. The tea hills that follow each other bring a sense of freedom in each of your photos.

Cau Dat Tea Hill
Cau Dat Tea Hill – Photo by Anh Nguyen

If you are a nature lover and want to have pictures that are not only virtual lives, but also images of your memorable moments, Dalat is an ideal place to make these photos. Let’s go to Dalat right now! (Kang Nguyen/ Vietnam Drive)

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