Top hot pot restaurants to eat and drink in Da Lat City, Vietnam

Continue with the cuisine journey in Da Lat City, we will appreciate to the special hot pot here. In the cold weather in Da Lat, the hot pot will be a great choice when your friend and you eat together with the cozy atmosphere here.

Here are popular restaurants for hot pots in Da Lat City.

Aba Toa Beef hot pot restaurant
Address: 1/29 Hoang Dieu Street, Da Lat City

Beef Hot Pot Restaurant in Da Lat City
Beef Hot Pot Restaurant in Da Lat City – Photo: foody

This restaurant is located on Hoang Dieu Street, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam. You will be surprised with a lot of Aba Toa stores, so it’s easy to confuse; do not worry. The real authentic Aba Toa is characterized by a wooden house and a lot of people are waiting. There is much meat in the hot pot; it also has tails and lean beef. The soup is cooked with bone. The hot pot needs to eat with vegetables and egg noodles. You should come here early because there are many people, so it will be finished soon. Its opening time is from 10h to 22h; but sometimes at 19h, the restaurant can be closed.

Le Dung Goat Hot Pot
No.5 Ho Xuan Huong Street, Da Lat City

Hot pot of the goat meat at Lau De Restaurant
Hot pot of the goat meat at Lau De Restaurant – Photo: Kabie Heo

This restaurant has opened for a long time, but it is unpopular in tourism, just local people know. It has unique taste; the meat is soft and fragrant with the reasonable price. Visitors coming to Da Lat should not ignore this restaurant. If you do not know the address, you can ask the local people, because everyone here is familiar with this restaurant.

Khap Bun Kha Thailand Hot Pot Restaurant
No. 26 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Da Lat City

Hot pot Restaurant in Da Lat City
Kap Bun Kha Restaurant – Photo: facebook Kap Bun Kha

If you like eating hot chili food, Da Lat is also a good destination for you. You will find it is so great when you have a spoonful of spicy hot soup in the cold weather in Da Lat. The spicy soup will give visitors warm feeling in the cold air here. The food in Da Lat is very good to take. And the Khap Bun Kha restaurant is also famous to taste for its giant Thai squid hot pot. Its ingredients include fresh squid in the plate, and Thai hot pot has special components of the restaurant. The hot pot is served with vegetable and big noodles. When the hot pot water boiled, put the squid into the pot to cook, and then pick out and cut to eat. Squid has the fresh taste, plus spicy and sour sauce, this creates stimulating taste extremely.

Tao Ngo chicken hot pot with basil leaves
Address: No5, 3 thang 4 (3th April) Stree, Da Lat City

Chicken Hot Pot Restaurant in Da Lat
Chicken Hot Pot Restaurant in Da Lat City – Photo: Phuong Huynh

Traveling to Da Lat, you cannot ignore the chicken hot pot dishes with the basil leaves of Tao Ngo Restaurant. It’s located at the 3rd of April; this place is popular with many visitors because of the unique taste of this dish. The main ingredients include bits of chicken, noodles, mushrooms and basil leaves that make this hot pot unique. This vegetable dish makes this dish different, and it brings the great taste. The basil leaves are also used to cure the flu. If you are cold while you are here, you can find this restaurant to enjoy the pot. It’s not only delicious but also helps you better, and give you new energy.

Da Lat City, Vietnam is not only a beautiful city, and cool climate, but also has its own unique cuisine that makes every visitor here cannot forget the flavor of Da Lat. These famous restaurants in Da Lat are waiting for you. Vietnam Drive hopes that you will have an interesting experience about food in Da Lat City with this introduction. (Khan Nguyen/ Vietnam Drive)

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