The cuisine of winter in Hanoi Vietnam

Traveling to Hanoi in winter, enjoying the hot delicacies that have a little bit of the spicy and the fusion of different types of spices would bring to visitors a strange but really warm feeling. Now we go to taste the delicious food of Hanoi.

1. Ốc luộc (Boiled Snails) – a strang food in Hanoi

Hanoi Food - Hot Snails

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Talking about Hanoi delicacies in the winter, it would be ‘the must’ to mention the ‘Ốc luộc’. Walking through the streets, visitors can easily find the pot boiled snails on the sidewalk and the smell is wonderful. Every shop attracts its customers with their own recipe to make their unique secret sauce served with the boiled snails. However, the harmony between the cooling characteristic of the snails and the warmth of the sauce mixed with ginger, chili, lemongrass…has created special feelings for this dish.

2. Mỳ gà tần (The herbal chicken soup served with noodle).

Vietnamese Food - Mi Ga Tan

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After the afternoon wandering the streets, or after work and when you feel chilly, ‘Mỳ gà tần’ will be the great taste for you. What an awesome feeling! This is not only a delicious dish but also really healthy food. The soft and fatty taste of the chicken, the bitter taste of wormwood, a little bit of chill with the bean sprouts, and more particularly the sweet and mellow taste of the herbs would be an absolute yes for this scrumptious dish.

3. Bánh cuốn nóng (Vietnamese stuffed pancake)

Vietnamese spring rolls

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‘Bánh cuốn nóng’ is cooked and sold throughout the year, but winter is the season that has the largest number of people seeking this palatable dish. The steamed rice papers are thin, cooked exactly to a turn and also have the natural fragrant smell of rice. The dish has the dark yellow color of the fried onion; served with the salty-sweet-sour dipping sauce… it brings to a unique taste that the visitors cannot forget.

4. Ngô nướng (Grill corn on the cob)

Street Food in Hanoi Vietnam

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For a long time ago, the grilled corn has become a favorite street food of people living in Hanoi Vietnam. Grill corn has appeared every corner and every street of the capital since the first wind of winter came. To have perfect grilled corn, people need to have a steady hand to blow the fire and also need to rotate the corn gently. The perfect grill corn would have a nice golden color, not too raw but not too burned, and the smell is superb. Sitting on the pavement, eating luscious grill corn, watching people passing through the streets… you cannot experience that in anywhere but the winter of Hanoi.

5. Bánh trôi tàu (Glutinous rice balls)

Hanoi Food

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Holding a hot white bowl with the freezing hands is such a great feeling. Take a small sip, the warmth will spread throughout the body. That’s how you taste the ‘Bánh trôi tàu’ of Hanoi in the cold weather. The round or oval shape of the rice balls, the sugar water slightly waves in the bowl, some crunchy peanuts and more sweet-scented coconut milk of this dish would make the visitors remember forever.

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