12 attractive places to visit in Son Tra Peninsula of Da Nang

Son Tra Peninsula (Tho Quang ward, Son Tra District) is located about 10 km northeast of the City Center of Da Nang, Vietnam. With three sides bordered by the sea, the other side faces to the urban area, Son Tra Peninsula is the total harmony of the unique ecology system connecting with the marine in Vietnam. The peninsula of Son Tra covers an area of ​​more than 4,400 ha, 13 km in length with a circumference of about 60 km, and an average elevation of 350 m. Combining with Hai Van Pass and Da Nang Bay, Son Tra Peninsula is considered as a big-screen protecting the city of Da Nang. Son Tra Peninsula is a famous destination in Da Nang City, which includes many attractive smaller destinations, including Linh Ung Pagoda, Bai But, thousand-year banyan tree… Now, travel with Vietnamdrive to explore the attactive places in Son Tra.

1. Linh Ung Pagoda in Son Tra

Linh Ung in Son Tra peninsula
Linh Ung Pagoda in Son Tra Penisula

Linh Ung Pagoda in Son Tra peninsula is the biggest and most beautiful of three pagodas with the name of Linh Ung in Da Nang, Vietnam. It locates 10 km from Danang city center, on the side of Son Tra mountain, at 693 m above sea level. The pagoda is considered a privilege that heaven has generously bestowed on this city.

A noticeable highlight of Linh Ung Pagoda is a statue of the Lady Buddha (Avalokiteshvara), which is the highest one in Vietnam with 67m tall. The statue stands with its back to the mountains facing the sea, one hand holds a holy bottle which wants to give the good things to the local people, bringing a peaceful life and calm ocean.

2. Rada station 29 – the holy eye of Indochina

The radar station 29 on Son Tra peninsula was considered as the holy eye of Indochina. Nowadays, Son Tra peak is still used to place the radar station to serve many fields from civil aviation, air force and Vietnamese navy. Radar 29 has the function of ensuring the safety of large airspace of the country, Central Vietnam from Dong Hoi (Quang Binh) to Buon Ma Thuot.

It is because this place is still used by the military to protect territorial sovereignty, visitors cannot go to the radar station but there are still many other places on the roads around the mountain where they can stop and take interesting photos with three white spheres there.

3. Son Tra Lighthouse

Son Tra Lighthouse Da Nang
Son Tra Lighthouse – Photo: @chichii.96

Considered one of the most beautiful and ancient lighthouses in Vietnam, Son Tra lighthouse is the ideal place for you to observe the natural scenery of Danang easily. From the lighthouse, you can zoom your vision to the poetic Han River, the beautiful bridges, the Da Nang beach …

This lighthouse was built in French architecture and is a quiet place with a wide view. This is one of the great attractions in Da Nang that you can choose to set foot to admire the beautiful scenery of this city.

4. Thousand-year banyan tree

In Son Tra mountain, there are many banyan trees forming a group of these trees; especially, there is one big banyan plant with a lot of roots from the branches to ground, creating a beautiful and holy place.

Many people call the banyan tree as the great tree or the thousand-year banyan tree. According to a report of the Son Tra Peninsula Management Board, this plant has a circumference of 10m, 26 auxiliary roots, each root is about 25m high. This banyan tree is considered the heritage one of Da Nang city, and a lot of tourists come to visit it every year. Here you can rest and do not miss to take beautiful pictures with the tree.

5. Bai But

Bai But has become familiar not only to domestic tourists but also to foreign tourists. Traveling at this site, you can rent a hut, then freely relax, eat and sing by the blue sea. In addition, you can participate in services here, such as seeing coral reefs, windsurfing, skydiving….

Bai But in Son Tra scenic spot is not only famous for its beauty of the natural scenery but also known as the Buddha paradise in the human world. Nestled in a very beautiful strait, Bai But beach is a place of harmony between the sea and mountains, where connects people from the city to the vast sky and sea.

6. The top of the chessboard of Son Tra (Dinh Ban Co)

Ban Co Top in Son Tra Da Nang
The top of Ban Co in Son Tra Mountain – Photo: @ltttuyn

The top of the chessboard of Son Tra is an amazing site, which just can be reached by walking or motorbikes. The road to this place is very narrow, zig zac, and dangerous; but it can be an adventurous experience with beautiful and poetic landscapes of the Son Tra Peninsula. All fatigue was dispelled by the immense space like a fairy-tale place when stepping to the top of Ban Co.

From the height of nearly 700 m, you can see the panorama view of Da Nang: a bustling city with new high buildings on the banks of the Han River which connecting by nine beautiful bridges, including the famous Dragon Bridge.

The best time to visit Ban Co is in the early morning when the city is still in the fog, and the nature of the peninsula has just stirred. You will enjoy the sunlight on the other side of the mountain. What a beautiful picture of nature!

7. Tien Sa port

Tien Sa port plays an important role in the Da Nang port system, making an essential contribution to the economic development of ship tourism of the city and the middle area of Vietnam. Tien Sa Port is a natural deep-water port with a quite long berth, capable of receiving large vessels and cruises, creating great potential for development.

The favorable geographical position has helped Tien Sa Port not only develop strongly in the economy of sea transportation but also improve tourism effectively. In addition to welcoming international cruise ships to Danang, Tien Sa Port itself is also a great landscape for visitors to enjoy. However, when visiting this place, tourists need to ask for allowance of the management of the port in advance.

8. Tien Sa Beach

Tien Sa eco-tourism, which locates at the end of Yet Kieu street, close to the port of Tien Sa, 10 km from the city center, has been an attractive tourist destination. This site is associated with the legend of the angels (Tien) descending to earth, and the beach went into poetry and music.

Tien Sa Beach is independent to the north of Son Tra Peninsula with the wild and quiet scenery. Coming here, you will be immersed with wild nature, blue sea, white sand, and sunshine. Tien Sa is an ideal destination for taking pictures, absolutely safe for tourists to relax or picnic.

9. Black Rock Beach

Bai Da Den - Back Rock Beach
Back Rock Beach – Photo: @imnaphan

Nestled on the north side of Son Tra Peninsula, Black Rock Beach (Bai Da Den) is surprisingly pristine. It takes an hour by boat from the center of Danang City to this beach. And, the boat is only transportation to travel to this site: go from the Han River, across the Tien Sa wharf, through the Tien Sa – Son Tra tourist area, and will reach Bai Da Den. So, visiting this beach is not popular for independent foreign tourists.

There are many big black rocks lying together and over each other, creating very beautify scenery. Especially, in the area of the rocks, many small gaps like artificial lakes are very interesting. The water here is green all year round, gentle waves suitable for swimming. If joining a tour, at a number of appropriate locations, tourists can go fishing or snorkeling.

10. Mui Nghe

Mui Nghe or Hon Nghe is located southeast of Son Tra peninsula, which is the first place to welcome the sunrise in Danang. Currently, with its pristine, mysterious beauty, Mui Nghe has been selected by tour designers exploring the Son Tra peninsula’s beauty.

In Mui Nghe, there are more than 42 rare coral species that are very attractive for diving service. Besides, a lot of shrimps and fishes at Mui Nghe, fishing tour is also available for tourists to get experiences here.

11. Bai Nam

Nam Son Tra Beach is the beach facing the South. Local people often call it Nờm or Nồm beach. Bai Nam is one of the beautiful beaches in Da Nang with the 4-star Son Tra resort & spa. If you look from My Khe beach in Da Nang, you will see Nam beach in the distance. In Nam Son Tra Beach, a few hundred meters from the shore has a beautiful coral area, which is good for snorkeling activities.

12. InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort

Started operating in June 2012, the InterContinental Danang Sun Penninsula Resort has become a destination for many stars, politicians and important people in the world. Designed by Bill Bensley architect – top 5 world-renowned architects, the difference of the resort is the deep philosophy of Vietnamese culture crystallized in each architectural feature. The resort has continuously improved its service quality to match the top level. Staying at the resort, tourists will find a harmonious design with the beautiful nature of the Son Tra Peninsula, which will give visitors an unforgettable experience.

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