Sai Gon – the former name of Ho Chi Minh City

Sai Gon is the former name of Ho Chi Minh City with the important centre of education, economics and politics of Vietnam.

Nowadays, many people still call this city Sai Gon, because it is a nice name of the history of Vietnam. But, the official name of this city is Ho Chi Minh City. It is lovely and very interesting to explore its charm and the local life at the night time.

Ho Chi Minh has the population of over 8,200,000 people (since 2017) with 19 districts and 5 surrounding precincts. Coming to Sai Gon – Ho Chi Minh City, travellers will get the chance to explore many the French-built buildings: Opera House, Notre Dame Cathedral and the city Post Office, and the war relics, remarkably Dinh Doc Lap (the former Presidential Palace) and the Cu Chi tunnels, which are lovely to visit and lots of other interesting sites are also waiting for your exploration.

The tourists will never forget the charming night life of Sai Gon and the warm feelings of the Saigonese. And, they can find a lot of street food shops a long the streets, which is worth tasting.

Here are some photos of Sai Gon – Ho Chi Minh City.

Duc Ba Church in Sai Gon - Ho Chi Minh CityDuc Ba Church is one of famous destinations for tourists coming to Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City. 

Dinh Doc Lap in Ho Chi Minh CityThe famous building near the Duc Ba Church is Dinh Doc Lap, the Independence Palace, where is one of the main office of the South Government during the Vietnam war.

You will find out more about Sai Gon, Ho Chi Minh City as below with great street food, friendly people, colorful streets, attractive night life, and many busy streets.

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