Public Vietnamese holidays in 2019

Vietnamese people welcome many public holidays every year. Especially, when the national holidays fall on the weekends (Saturday or Sunday), they will have holidays for the next Monday or/and Thursday.

There are total 11 public Vietnamese holidays in 2019.

The list to check public holidays in Vietnam in 2019:

Day Date (Solar Calendar) Date (Lunar Calendar) Holidays’ name Duration
Sun 31 Dec to 01 Jan 25th & 26th of the eleventh lunar month New Year 2 days
Fri 4 Feb to 8 Feb, 2019 30th of the twelfth lunar month to 04th of the first lunar month Tet Holidays 5 days
Thu 14th April, 2019 10th of the third lunar month Hung King Festival 1 day
Sun 30 April 26th of the third lunar month Reunification day  2 days
Mon 1 May 27th of the fourth lunar month Labor Day
Sat 2 September 04th of the eighth lunar month Independence Day 1 day


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