My Son Holy Land Tour from Danang City

My Son Holy Land is a famous destination for many travelers staying in Danang City, Vietnam. My Son Sanctuary is located in the mountains of Duy Phu Village, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam Province.

From Danang city center to My Son is about 60km far away. Many old temples and towers were built from the 7th to 13th century. Thus, these relics carry a lot of history, culture, and skills of the architecture of the Cham people, who are the ethnic group of Vietnam with 145,000 people left.

My Son Holy Land - Hoi An to My son

What to see in My Son Holy Land?

When coming to the holy land, tourists will have a chance to enjoy the beauty of the ancient temples and towers which were used to worship the Gods of Hindu. They stand at the nice valley combining with nature, this creates a mysterious picture that makes the tourists want to explore here more and more. You should not forget to carry the camera to take charming pictures when discovering My Son.

In addition, Cham dance is often showed at My Son Sanctuary. This is also a great activity to enjoy after visiting the temples and towers.

How many temples and towers left?

There are more than 68 temples and towers built in the valley of My Son. However, many buildings were destroyed by time and the wars. At present, only 20 buildings left, but not full of temples. This is really a big loss for My Son sanctuary.

In spite of that, My Son Holy Land is still famous as a historical and cultural destination for many tourists staying in Danang city as well as in Hoi An ancient town and Hue City.

How is the tour to My Son from Danang city?

The driver will pick you up from your hotel in Danang city. You will drive through the countryside to My Son. You can spend time in My Son holy land from 1 hour to 1.5 hours. That is enough to visit here. Then, the driver will drive you back to the hotel. The total time to visit My Son from Danang city is 4.5 hours to 5 hours (estimated).

You can combine to visit Hoi An ancient city with My Son tour from Danang. This will take around 8 hours to 9 hours, so you have a wonderful full-day tour for your holidays in this beautiful city.

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