The beautiful islands in Quang Ninh to spend your time

Many pristine islands in Quang Ninh will be wonderful destinations to escape the heat and the crowds besides the famous Halong Bay.

These islands have beautiful scenery, fresh air, tasty fresh seafood, and affordable cost to spend time here. So it is very suitable for many tourists who like beach travel, and you, to explore and enjoy a lovely vacation in peaceful places.

island in Quang Ninh
The guests visit Co To that is one of nice islands in Quang Ninh. @th.hawq

1. Cai Chien Island

How to move to the island: From Hanoi, you use a car or taxi to Gheng Vo, then take a ferry to Cai Chien island.

cai chien island
Cai Chien Island. Photo: @thuys.thii

Cai Chien Island is located in Hai Ha district, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam. Many young people and students have liked to come to this site in recent years. The wild natural landscape has not been affected much by tourism activities, making them love this place.

Coming to this island, you can live in nature, enjoy a quiet relaxing time, and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. On the island, there are beautiful beaches, such as Dau Rong Beach, Van Ca Beach, Cai Chien Beach, and the dragon tail area.

You can rent bicycles or motorbikes to travel around the island. With majestic mountains and poetic scenery, on the way, you can encounter many places where you can stop to take pictures.

In addition, many young travelers like to visit the abandoned container house. Other activities worth experiencing are getting a campfire on the sea and enjoying BBQ with relatives and friends. However, you need to travel with the locals for organizing these activities.

2. Co to island

How to move to the island: If you hire a private car and driver, he can drive you to Cai Roong Port. Or, you take a taxi to Cai Rong port. Here, you buy a speedboat ticket to Co To Island.

co to island
Photo: @caothuyvy97

Although Co To island has developed tourism for a long time, it still retains its wild features. Different from the coastal islands, Co To is a hidden place for those who want to separate from city life to enjoy a peaceful holiday.

The island attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year, typically during the summer from May to September.

You can find many attractions to explore and swim at, such as Van Chay Beach, Love Beach, Hong Van Beach, Co To Lighthouse, Co To Con Island, and Cau My rock beach.

You can spend 2 to 3 days to discover all the interesting things here. In particular, watching the beautiful sunset over the sea is an experience that you should not miss.

3. Quan Lan Island

How to move to the island: You travel to Cai Rong port in Van Don and then buy boat tickets for the route Van Don – Quan Lan. It takes about 45 minutes for the boat to reach the island.

quan lan island
Eo Gio in Quan Lan Island. @zell.daa

Quan Lan is also a popular name on the map of peaceful tourist destinations in Quang Ninh. The island attracts you with clear blue beaches, and white sand stretching such as Minh Chau, Quan Lan, Son Hao, and Robinson. In particular, Quan Lan Beach is the most beautiful because there because many rows of green trees spread along the coast.

When going to Quan Lan, you can also visit some other outstanding places, such as the Melaleuca forest, Eo Gio, the white sandy river, or the cluster of communal houses – pagodas – temples on the island.

Rent a motorbike and driver who can carry you to move on the road across the island. And you can find many attractive photography sites.

During the journey to Quan Lan Island, local specialties and fresh seafood also make an unforgettable impression on you. An interesting activity is going to the early market located in the center of the island, it is time to immerse yourself in the islanders’ life.

4. Ngoc Vung Island

How to move to the island: To get to Ngoc Vung Island, you can choose to go from one of three piers. These are Vung Duc Port in Cam Pha City, Hon Gai Port in Ha Long City, and Cai Rong Port in Van Don. In which, most people like to travel from Vung Duc Port.

ngoc vung island
Photo: @maivan_smile

Ngoc Vung Island is a nice destination worth choosing for those who want to find a relaxing place to get away from the noisy city. The island stays in the area of Bai Tu Long Bay, like a lovely pearl surrounded by small straight roads, green casuarinas, and large sandy beaches.

Recently, this unspoiled island is attracting more and more young people to explore, have fun and enjoy a relaxing time. And you can enjoy a variety of activities here.

You can hire an off-road vehicle to run around the sand, ride a double bike, take pictures at the rapids, and watch the sunset and sunrise on the sea. Diving to see the coral and renting a boat to go squid fishing are also interesting experiences, but cost much higher than other activities.

Camping at sea on Ngoc Vung Island is also very popular. Take a campfire night, enjoy a BBQ party with a variety of seafood dishes, and chat with loved ones will be memorable memories for you.

5. Vinh Thuc Island

How to move to the island: You drive to Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh province. Then, you go to Mui Ngoc port. From here, rent a canoe to Vinh Thuc Island. It’s a little complicated to travel to this island.

vinh thuc island
Photo: @builight_21

About 10 km from the center of Mong Cai City (Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam), Vinh Thuy is an isolated island to breathe fresh air and explore wild nature.

With clear blue water and beautiful scenery, this island is likened to the girl still sleeping.

Many beautiful beaches with fine golden sand stretch along the casuarina rows swaying in the wind; Dau Dong Beach and Ben Hen Beach are the most famous. 

In particular, adorning the landscape of Dau Dong Beach, consecutive rocky rapids become attractive photography sites.

A very popular attraction on the island is the twenty-eight meters high lighthouse, where you can watch the surrounding landscape and see Sa Vi Cape – the northeasternmost tip of Vietnam in the distance. One point to know, you have to climb to the top of the lighthouse; but on the way, you can also admire the poetic view.

Currently, this island is very far from the big cities such as Hanoi or Ha Long. The tourism activities in Vinh Thuc have not yet developed, so there are no hotels. If you want to spend the night here, you can camp on the beach or contact us at the locals on the island to stay overnight.

When staying on Vinh Thuc island, you can ask for rent a motorbike and a rider to move around the island, learn about the idyllic life of the people, experience clam catching, and especially enjoy fresh seafood.

Would you like to come to one of these islands in Quang Ninh?

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