How to go from Phu Bai airport to Hue city center?

Transferring from the Phu Bai airport to Hue city center is always a significant problem for tourists traveling by plane to this city. If you don’t know how to go from Phu Bai airport to the center of Hue city, here are some tips that would definitely help you to have a nice trip without worrying about that problem.

phu bai airport transfer

There are a lot of transportation for you to go to the city center from Phu Bai airport: Taxi, bus or the private pickup service. More details for each method will be listed hereafter.

Phu Bai airport to the city center by Taxi

A taxi to drive from Hue airport would be pretty convenient, fast and especially if you go in a small group. It takes 20 minutes for 15km in the distance from the airport to the city.

The price fluctuates depending on the distance. You can make a deal to have a full-distance price or to base on the taximeter. You can hail a taxi parking outside of the airport, and the price is different depending on the taxi brands.

Hue Taxi service: there a lot of reputable and high qualified taxi firms such as Taxi Mai Linh, Taxi Thanh Do, Taxi Thanh Hung or Taxi Phu Xuan.

hue airport transfer service
Taxi service in Hue

Phu Bai airport to Hue city center by private pick-up service

You can hire a private pick-up service  to Hue city center from Phu Bai airport if you worry about the scam taxi. You can choose cars which have 4 seats, 7 or 16 seats. The price depends on the number of seats, but this is not an expensive transfer. The airport pickup service of tourist companies would be suitable for people going with a couple, small groups or big groups. This service is available 24/24, including flights at late night or early morning.

Lots of tourists prefer this method rather than the others. After going out of the airport, you can easily find tourist companies, and they will bring you to the city center. You should ask for the price and route before going.

Vietnamdrive offers transfers from Hue Aiport to Hue city center:

  • 17 USD for 1 or 2 guests with a private 4-seat car.
  • 21USD for 3 or 4 guests with a private 7-seat car.
  • 25USD for 5 to 8 guests with a 15-seat modern van.

Please contact us  to get a great private airport transfer.

hue airport to city center
Private car service in Hue

Phu Bai to Hue city by bus

This is the main public transport to go from the airport to the city. This method would help you to save money. However, this service is not door to door like a private car transfer.

The bus network service from the city center has been expanded and covered Hue. Tourists going to Hue can use this transport to go from Phu Bai airport to the city center and the reverse direction, and also to go around the city.

It takes about 30-60 minutes per one way to go from the airport to the city. The airport shuttle bus departs at the office 20 Hanoi, Hue City.

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