Eating and Drinking in Hanoi

In culinary features, Hanoi people are famous for food and drinks and show their dignity and sophistication. Hanoi food can be said to be unmistakable in countless delicacies all over Vietnam. The cuisine of Hanoi has come to life in the minds and emotions of each person, and have been handed down for generations.

Hanoi Capital has long been famous for many specialties. In the old streets of Hanoi, there are dozens of street names associated with items and products related to cooking, eating and drinking: Hang Mam (fish sauce road), Hang Muoi(salt road), Hang Khoai (root road), Hang Duong (sugar road), Hang Dau (bean road), Cho Gao (rice market), Hang Bun (vermicelli road), Hang Ca (fish road), or Hang Ga (chicken road). This is also a rare thing too hard to find it in other urban areas.

The suburbs provide food, green vegetables, raw materials to make delicious dishes of Hanoi. There are also many craft villages processing agricultural products, foodstuffs or planting local trees for Ha Noi. Tu Ky and Phu Do villages make noodles, Mai Dong makes tofu, Tuong Mai makes sticky rice, Thanh Tri makes rolls, Vong village (Dich Vong) makes cereal, Lu village (Kim Lu) makes candy, Quynh village has green melon, then orange is at Canh village, grapefruits at Dien, and sapodilla at Xuan Dinh. These are delicious delicacies, fruits as simple gifts with the typical cultural characteristics of this area.

Hanoians not only eat for full, but they also taste food for fun and enjoy culinary beauty. They have subtlety not only in the taste but also in the choice of food places, the way to eat food; which dish goes with that dish, how it is eaten, which food is suitable for each season, and even when to eat which dish. Sometimes just through the small details, both eaters and chefs show the subtleties in the eating culture. Fried taufo is eaten with shrimp sauce and vermicelli, or fresh fishes combine with the fish sauce of Van Van village.

Hanoians are elegant and have considered eating as a way to express their hobbies and interests, personalities and styles. The sense of taste and sophistication in culinary culture has always been the beauty of the people in this city. And, when you come to Hanoi, you will find plenty of local dishes which make your stomach more hungry.

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