Top 5 things you need when traveling to Vietnam from Australia

If you are planning to travel to Vietnam from Australia; here are some quick basic guides of Vietnam Drive for your reference.

Vietnam rises into one of the exotic Southeast Asia countries for traveling. More travelers come to the country for the beautiful landscapes and also unique culture. Similar to visiting other countries, traveling to Vietnam also requires some preparations before finally landed in the country. Ensuring that you have the right guides to Vietnam will also guarantee you with the joyful and exciting traveling time as well.
travel to Vietnam from Australia

1. Passports and Visa

People with Australian passports require a visa to enter Vietnam. Visa for visitors is mostly available for 30 to 90 days of the visit. You can apply for the visa on your own or by post at the consulate in Sydney or embassy in Canberra. But before applying for the visa, you need to make sure that the passport has at least one-month validity after the visa expiry and also one last empty page. You will also need a passport-sized photo. If applying by post, you will need a self-addressed envelope for return, complete an application form, and also the visa fee. You should also be very cautious for visa scam alert which offers free Vietnamese visa for free or visa on arrival.
travel to Vietnam from Sydney Australia

2. Phone and Internet

For communication purpose, you will need a smartphone with 3G coverage to be used in most area in Vietnam with your Australian phone. But you need to limit the usage only for the emergency condition, or you will shock with huge phone bill when getting back to Australia. For the alternative, you can also buy local pre-paid SIM with easy set up as long as you have the phone unlocked. Some travel shops, travel agents, post offices, and online also provides pre-paid SIMs if you want to visit several countries without changing the numbers. WI-FI connection widely offers in most cities and tourist attractions. One important tip is that online activities should be polite in Vietnam.

3. Vaccinations

The required vaccinations strongly depend on the health status, the region that you are visiting, and your stay plan. Standard vaccinations such as Japanese encephalitis, rabies, hepatitis A and B, typhoid, and also malaria may be suggested. Some vaccinations may require a longer time for about four to six-week prior departure. Speak to your doctor if necessary.
Vietnamese Currency

4. Currency

Around two weeks before departure, it is important to let your bank know that you will go to Vietnam for your holidays. This is because foreign card activities can be mistaken for possible fraud and will freeze your account. In most of the areas, cash is the kind; but you can still use a credit card in large hotels, restaurants, and shops.

5. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is basic; make sure you do not leave this point in the last minute of departure. As you book for the trip, ensure to also buy travel insurance. Also, it is important to keep a printout or copy of the travel insurance just in case you got admitted to hospitals or involved in accidents. Sharing the travel insurance detail to friends and families is also essential.

With some guides to prepare before you travel to Vietnam from Australia above, Vietnam Drive hopes you will feel confident to travel to the beautiful friendly country of Vietnam.

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