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Explore Ben Tre Province – the beauty land of Mekong Delta

Ben Tre, the land of coconuts, is famous all over the country. The scenery here is peaceful with the shady coconut trees. The local people of Ben Tre are hard-worked, diligent and open-minded. Visitors will feel friendly, comfortable and peaceful in the journey to this land of Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

What can we visit at Ben Tre, Mekong Delta?

Con Quy islet

When traveling to Ben Tre, visitors explore the beauty of the wild water scenery, especially Con Quy Islet.  With an area of 65 hectares, Con Quy is known as the smallest land of Ben Tre province. This place has the fresh and fragrant fruit gardens such as longan, sapodilla and grapefruit. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to manually pick and enjoy the sweet taste of fruits in the gardens. And, the tourists can explore the unique rustic house of the local people.

Con Phung islet (Ong Dao Dua islet)

Come to Con Phung, travelers have chances to explore coconut candy factories and the production souvenirs made from coconut shells, and coconut leaves. Visitors will be able to visit fruit orchards, listen to traditional folk songs, explore ancient and unique buildings such as the dragon yard or the Peace Tower. The guests can also immerse in the peaceful scenery of the green coconut groves.

Con Phung Islet
Con Phung Islet – Photo by P T

Con Oc islet

About 10km from Ben Tre City, Con Oc Islet is located in Hung Phong commune, Giong Trom district. This islet will be an interesting destination that tourists should come to visit. With a length of over 8.3 km and 1 km wide, Con Oc islet also has many conditions similar to the others such as Con Phung, or Con Quy. However, coming to Con Oc, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the garden life, plan a tree and water the orchards.

Dong Khoi Guerrilla Village

Visit Ben Tre, visitors also have the opportunity to find the history, admire the most primitive weapons in the war, and see a village become the cradle of the South revolution. That is Dong Khoi Guerrila Village.

Vam Ho bird sanctuary

Vam Ho bird sanctuary is located in two communes of My Hoa and Tan Xuan, Ba Tri District. This place is an ideal site to explore the variety of natural scenery with more than 500 storks, and many kinds of plants and animals. And, the experience to pass the bamboo bridges makes visitors feel more exciting.Vam Ho bird sanctuary

Photo by Tran Chi Thanh

Ben Tre Province will be an interesting destination. Tourists can discover the specialities of coconuts, and enjoy the scenery of water life. This makes Ben Tre become a unique destination in Mekong Delta. The typical culture of the local people and the lifestyle give you an opportunity to find the values of differences. (NT/ Vietnam Drive)

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