Eating and Drinking in Vietnam

Eating and drinking is an important culture of Vietnam. From the North to the South of Vietnam, there are about 500 traditional dishes. The culinary techniques of the Vietnamese are skillful in daily meals or party and from families to restaurants; remarkably, “nuoc mam” (fish sauce) and herbs and species are used as special ingredients, which creates attractive traditional Vietnamese dishes. Enjoying food and drinks in the Central Vietnam will make your holidays more perfect.

Eating and drinking in VIentma -chicken rice in Hoi An Chicken Rice in Hoi An – Photo by Bao Huy

Hue city is a good place for enjoying the cuisine. The style of Hue food is influenced by the royal styles very much on cooking, designing and eating Hue dishes. The menu of the imperial meal still has the dozen of dishes at some restaurants.

Besides, the traditional popular Hue food is the most famous for the Vietnamese as well as foreigners such as Bun Bo Hue ( Hue beef vermicelli), Banh Khoai (pan cake) and Banh Nam.

When visiting Hoi An, tourists are impressed by the typical food of the ancient town. The cooking and the way of eating are skillful combinations following to the five elements of the universe by using spices and herbs to create the balance in Hoi An dishes. Cao Lau, Wonton, Quang Noodle, “White Rose” and Com Ga (chicken rice) are the famous local dishes of Hoi An.

Coming to Nha Trang beach city, it is very wonderful to enjoy seafood. Nha Trang City has attractive seafood restaurants where you can find fresh prawns, shrimps, crabs, clam and shellfish. Moreover, tourists cannot miss Nem Nuong (grilled meat rolls) and Bun Cha Ca (fish roll vermicelli)– two famous local food of Nha Trang.

For drinks, Vietnam has most of the drinks. However, tea and coffee are traditional preference. Especially, drinking tea can be considered as both a normal habit and the art of drinking in Vietnam. Drinking tea takes time to prepare it, talk about it and life and enjoy it. Now coffee culture becomes more and more popular in the culture of Vietnam.

Enjoying the local foods and learning the ways of eating and drinking in the Central Vietnam, travelers will have good chances to live closer to the local life and contact with the local people.

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