10 tips for finding cheap airline tickets

Cheap flights don’t mean you have to fly with a budget airline. Many aviation companies sell at a low price to promote their brands or encourage guests to move more. So cheap airline tickets create more chances to travel to tourists.

Here are some tips to help you find the air tickets for your memorable trip, but still save money.

Tips for finding cheap airline tickets

1. Buy tickets early

Book airline tickets in advance can get a low price. One of the more common theories is to buy exactly 54 days before departure. Many people show experience that if you book tickets on Tuesday at 3:00 pm or Wednesday at midnight, you will get cheap tickets.

However, airlines offer cheap tickets on unpredictable days. No one really can predict the exact air ticket price will be announced, and the sale-off date before the airlines officially mention. So, book as early as possible is often to get a better rate.

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2. Update ticket information frequently

Airfares vary throughout the day and the number of seats. The low prices often change. If the price of tickets is too high at 10:00 am, you can try to search for them at a different time of day or another day. If you do not have much time to check the flight rate, you can download an application for smartphones to have the airfare news, and are usually free like CheapOair.

3. Receive email notification of air ticket prices

This method is probably the easiest way to check flight prices. Many travel websites invite you to sign up to receive emails, and they will regularly update the latest fares through your email address. Go online and type in the airfare alerts to see a lot of results. Some web sites ask you to register as a member, but many others do not.

4. Use Twitter

Email is an effective way, but one of the other means that immediately appears on your computer screen and the phone is Twitter. This social network is how you can track information about cheap tickets every day. You need to follow a few airplane companies to get notes quickly. You can be easy to get promotion codes or low rates of airline tickets to destinations that you interest in.

5. Flexible flight time and dates and searches on different websites

If you do not worry about the departure period to have a reasonable price, try different days and hours of flights. Apart from general ticketing websites, many airlines offer cheap ticket-price programs only on their own sites.

Another place you also should notice is the websites of travel companies. They may tell you about a cheap way to travel by air by combining different flights and aviation firms.

6. Note the extra costs before buying tickets

Airlines companies, especially low-cost carriers, have a clear baggage allowance, including the carry-on and check-in luggage. When booking a ticket, be very careful that you can pay extra for luggage selection, taxes, and added things.

And, if you do not want to eat on short flights, you make sure not to choose the meals to release its surcharge. I often carry any cakes packaged carefully to save unnecessary payment.

7. Combine flight tickets and flight sectors

If you fly from Europe to Vietnam, you can save money if you buy a cheap ticket from Paris (France) to Singapore with Singapore Airlines and another flight from Singapore to Vietnam with AirAsia. Or, if you fly from the US to Europe, you can save quite a bit if you buy a ticket from the US to Dublin (Ireland) with United Airlines and from Dublin to the European continent with Ryanair tickets.

To do this, you need to spend a bit of time to compare, but it will be quite interesting if you can save a few hundred dollars to add to the cost of playing at the destination. Also, if you are willing to fly in transit flights in a third country, the ticket price is often lower than the direct flight.

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8. Use a variety of airport options at destinations

Large cities often have many airports around. If you are a flexible traveler, flying to London Gatwick may be cheaper than landing at London Heathrow. Or, instead of getting off Tokyo Narita, you should also try Tokyo Haneda. When using this mothed to find cheap airline tickets, you need to note the distance from each airport to the destination that you want. You can use Google Maps to find the gaps.

9. Travel on the low tourist reasons

Surely, the more people want to fly, the higher the rate of airline tickets is. Thus, if you do not pay a high price for air tickets and hotels, you should choose to travel at the low tourist seasons. Avoid moving on summer holidays, new year, Chrismas time, or other public holidays.

If you select airlines in Vietnam, the lowest rate may fall at the beginning of September to the middle of October every year. That is the best time to visit Hanoi and North Vietnam, including Sapa.

10. Buying tickets that can be refunded the difference if the price drops

Refund the difference if the price drops is one of the interesting policy to attract buyers to book airlines with peace in mind. If you have just purchased tickets with a different refund. Then the airline announces a new cheaper price for the same journey. If you ask for a refund, you will receive back the changing level.

However, this way does not work well when many airlines charge additional money for a management fee, which makes the amount received almost back to zero. Now not many companies use the policy of returning the difference, just a few firms, such as JetBlue, Southwest, and Alaska.

Above are the most common ways to find cheap airline tickets. You may not use all of these methods because they will take your time and need some conditions. Thus, you should select one or two skills suitable for your ability.

For newbies, we recommend (9) traveling on the low tourist seasons and (5) choose flexible time and dates to start your holidays. These two methods make you not much effort but still have reasonable prices for air tickets and hotels as well, which helps you save a lot of money while you can escape from the crowd.

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