Chan May cruise port to Hue City, Vietnam

Chan May cruise port is a famous seaport in Thua Thien Hue province and the south o of Hue city centre. From Chan May port to Hue city is 62 km; it takes us 1.5 hours to drive.

Every year, Chan May cruise port welcomes a lot of tourist cruises all around the world. Many guests are very eager to visit the Imperial Hue city. It is because Hue was the old capital of the last dynasty Nguyen from 1802 to 1945. Moreover, tourists can find many attractions and great local food here. Now check the recommendations of Vietnamdrive as below to start your journey from Chan May port to Hue.

What can you see on the way to Hue city from the port?

buffalo on rice field

From Chan May port to Hue has many charm attractions to visit and take pictures. This drive has combinations of the beauty of mountains, rice fields and lagoons.

  • The mountain views are a nice top interest when tourists drive to the city center from the port.
  • Phuoc Tuong (the Statue Pass) is a good stop to enjoy the views.
  • The lagoon Cau Hai is big in Hue, where the local people catch and grow fishes. This is also a great photo stop during this journey.
  • And, you should never miss the beauty of the rice fields on the way. It looks peaceful and creates relaxing feelings when looking at it.
Vietnam culinary tour package

What can you do in Hue city, Vietnam?

When coming to Hue city, travellers will find many activities in Hue city to do. Here are individual suggestions for your short cruise journey.

  1. Tasting local food: Hue is a great place to sample local food, which includes royal stay and street food style. The flavour is fantastic and healthy. You can customize a food tour or find the great street food tour at Hue Flavor.
  2. Visiting Hue Imperial city and royal tombs: Hue still preserves good imperial palaces of royal family Nguyen, where you can visit them now. And, royal tombs are great to explore as well. You will feel not in death place; you will find these places like houses of future life. It is enough when you can choose one or two royal tombs, including Minh Mang, Tu Duc or Khai Dinh tomb.
  3. Visiting pagodas: Hue is the centre of Buddhism in Vietnam with more than 100 pagodas. This is a good chance for you to discover Buddhist culture and life. Thien Mu and Tu Hieu pagodas are good ones to be listed.
  4. Biking around the city: You can choose a soft bicycle tour around the city to explore the city and countryside. This is easy for Vietnamdrive to range a biking tour for you.

These suggestions help tourists from the cruises explore Hue City perfectly.

For asking more questions or planning a city tour to visit Hue, please tell the team of Vietnamdrive!

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