Ca Mau Tourist Destinations

Come to Ca Mau, the land is located at the southern tip of the country with many tourist destinations you can hardly ignore. Visitors will be immersed in the life of the people on the rivers, explore the natural mangrove forests, and experience on their own to visit the beautiful islands of this land.

Ca Mau with many famous tourist destinations is full of wildlife, and contains the historical and human values of Vietnam. This will attract tourists to come and explore Ca Mau.

1. Mui Ca Mau – the Cape of Ca Mau

South Pole of Vietnam in Ca Mau
South Pole of Vietnam. Photo by Toan Nguyen

The first destination that many visitors wish to visit the Cape of Ca Mau. It is located in the Ngoc Hien district, 100km far away from Ca Mau city center. This tourist destination offers visitors an interesting experience when stepping on the inland end of the South of Vietnam. This is the only place in Vietnam that can see the sunrise in the East and sunset in the West on the Sea. Besides, come to Ca Mau Cape, visitors can also climb up the tower to see the end of the homeland of the country.

2. U Minh Forest National Park

U Minh Ha Forest in Ca Mau
The landscape of U Minh Ha Forest. Photo by Nguyen Trinh

When visiting Ca Mau, you should explore U Minh Forest National Park. This forest is well-known for many films such as Southern Forest Land. U Minh forest is divided into two major branches including U Minh Thuong (Kien Giang province) and U Minh Ha forest (Ca Mau province). U Minh Ha National Park is an ecosystem that contains a diverse and unique system of animals, vegetations and typical of mangrove forests along with valuable historic and scientific values. Visitors can see more than 250 species of plants, more than 182 species of birds and more than 40 species of rare animals being maintained and preserved.

3.  Ca Mau floating market

Ca Mau Floating Market
Ca Mau Floating Market. Photo: from clip Nguyen Hoang Ba

Coming to the South of Vietnam, if you miss the opportunity to explore the floating market, you will lose an exciting experience. Ca Mau floating market is located on the end of Ganh Hao River, in the center of Ca Mau city. There are hundreds of boats full of fresh fruits like coconut, or watermelon, and rich agricultural products. But more specifically, the activities of trade of the local people show the typical culture of the South. This will attract many tourists coming here to explore local life.

4. Hon Khoai – Khoai Island

Lighthouse Hon Khoai Ca Mau
Lighthouse in Hon Khoai island over 120 years old. Photo: ngonlacamau

The next place in the journey to Ca Mau is Hon Khoai. This is one of the most beautiful islands in Ca Mau, about 2km from the mainland with many small islands surrounded. Come here, visitors will quickly be swept into the wild, unique landscape. Visitors will watch the lighthouse which is built by the French in Hon Khoai.

5. Thi Tuong Lagoon

Dam Thi Tuong in Ca Mau
Thi Tuong Lagoon at sunset. Photo: @lieulamphoto

Thi Tuong Lagoon is a large shrimp and fish farm in Ca Mau. In recent years, Thi Tuong lagoon has become a tourist destination for many tourists.

The legend says that Mrs. Tuong was one of the first people to come and live in Ca Mau in the past. At that time, the lord of the tiger is angry with the water king when the water king refused to propose to the princess to marry. So, the tiger king asked birds to Ca Mau to take the soil and land to fill the sea. Mrs. Tuong was brave to stop the birds. She could protect some area of the grounds left. Some places dug became the lake to grow shrimps and fishes. To thank her, the local people call it Thi Tuong Lagoon (Mrs. Tuong Lagoon).

Thi Tuong Lagoon is about 2 hours away from Ca Mau City by boat, next to Ba Nho canal, connecting to the Gulf of Thailand. The lagoon has a water surface area of ​​about 700ha, a length of more than 10km.

6. Hon Da Bac

Hon Da Bac in Ca Mau
Hon Da Bac in Ca Mau. Photo: @ngokyhai

Hon Da Bac – Silver Island is located in Kinh Hon hamlet, Khanh Binh Tay commune, Tran Van Thoi district, Ca Mau province. It is 50km from Ca Mau city. This is a beautiful island cluster consisting of 3 islands located close to the coast. Da Bac Island and Hon Khoai in Ca Mau are over 180 million years old. This island has great potential for eco-tourism.

From Ca Mau city, tourists want to go to Da Bac island, which takes about 90 minutes by car/motorbike on Minh Ha road, through Coc Nam. If traveling by waterway, it may takes longer time. From Ca Mau city, following the Tac Thu channel, going to Hoi Dong Channel to the West, about 40 km further is to Khanh Binh Tay, Khanh Hai, Tran Van Thoi.

Da Bac island has an area of ​​about 6.43ha. On the island, there are many beautiful sights for visitors to visit such as Tien Tien, Gieng Tien, Ban Chan Tien, Ban Tay Tien, Ong Ong Pagoda. Hon Da Bac is one of the beautiful tourist destinations of Ca Mau.

Coming to Ca Mau, to the end of the southern inland point of the country, visitors will discover many new things and know the simple and comfortable character of the Southern people. Vietnamdrive hope you will enjoy your time in Ca Mau.

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