Binh Dinh tourism: beautiful beaches cannot be ignored

The beaches in Binh Dinh are not famous and are invested like other beaches in Vietnam. Thus, beaches has the wild beauty. Binh Dinh is a land of interference between the sun and the wind, the sea and the hills. Therefore, travelling to Binh Dinh in the summer you cannot ignore the beautiful beaches.

The list of top 5 beautiful beachs in Binh Dinh Province:

1. Quy Nhon Beach

Quy Nhon beach
Quy Nhon beach (Binh Dinh province). Photo: Internet

Being one of the rare beaches in Quy Nhon City, this local beach is probably the most popular choice for visitors to Binh Dinh. With the beach stretching for nearly 5km from Mui Tan to Ghenh Rang, visitors can both bathe and enjoy the delicious seafood of this land.

2. Hoang Hau Beach

Hoang Hau Beach
Hoang Hau Beach (also known as Bai Trung beach). Photo: Da Cuoi

Hoang Hau Beach is about 2km from Quy Nhon city, in Ghenh Rang tourist resort. Here, you enjoy all the attractions of Ghenh Rang Tourist Area, and are immersed in the blue water, watching the majestic nature at Hoang Hau Beach.

Hoang Hau beach
Hoang Hau beach with beautiful check in photos. Photo: Cher kute

3. Bau Beach

Binh Dinh tourism: beautiful beaches cannot be ignored
The peaceful scene of Bai Bau Beach. Photo: Vietnam today

If you go 15 km from Quy Nhon city, you will be impressed a calm, clean and peaceful beach surrounded by mountains. If you like strong feelings, you can also try out things like jumping, or climbing.

4. Eo Gio Beach

Eo Gio Beach
Eo Gio Beach. Photo: Dan Hoang

Eo Gio is one of the beautiful windswept straits of Binh Dinh Province. Come to Eo Gio,  you can explore the cave with the name that is very fun like Ky Co Cave, Bat Cave, or Ba Nghe Cave. Besides, you can also lie on the sand, watch the sea or take beautiful pictures with the wild scenery.

5. Trung Luong Beach

The wild nature of Trung Luong beach
The wild nature of Trung Luong beach. Photo: Kimnamvy

Trung Luong Beach is about 30km from Quy Nhon City, located on the east of DT 639 in Trung Luong Village, Cat Tien Commune, Phu Cat District. The beach is a fascinating destination containing many new things for tourists. You can camp around big boulders with fresh air from the sea or play on the Trung Luong beach, and enjoy delicious seafood.

Minh Yen/ Vietnamdrive

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