5 Best Things to Do in Hue Vietnam to Complete Your Vacation

5 Best Things to Do in Hue Vietnam to Complete Your Vacation

Vietnam is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Asia. In this country, there is a number of spots that are perfect for tourists to travel around. One of them is the Imperial City of Hue. If you intend to go to this place, we have some activities we would like to recommend to you. These activities will ensure you to experience some enjoyable and fun moments. Here are the top five best things to do in Hue City.

1. Biking in the countryside

 Biking in the Countryside

In Hue, most tourists usually visit the Imperial Citadel or the King’s Tomb. We can understand that since those are famous spots in the area. However, you can see more about this city by taking a bicycle tour in the countryside. You will be able to witness a beautiful view along the Perfume River. When you get a bit tired, there are some villages to stop by. The local people there will welcome you with such heartwarming smiles. That is the reason why it becomes one of the best things to do in Hue, Vietnam.

2. Going to Beaches

Going to Beaches

Vietnam is like a city of paradise where it has several lovely beaches. In Hue, there are two beaches you can select. Thuan An is the closest one you can go to. It is easy to access for the public with the only 15km from the city. The other choice is Lang Co Beach. This is a perfect choice for those who want to have some peaceful moments. Whichever you choose does not matter since both of them are equally beautiful.

3. Eating Local Cuisine

Eating Local Cuisine

Culinary is certainly one of the must and the best things to do in this city. You will find some restaurant or street foods in this city, whether it is authentic or mix-western cuisine. We think it will be great for you to try all the original Vietnamese food. Some of them you must taste are banh khoai, com hen, and nem lui. You can find them in streets like Pham Ngu Lao, Hung Vuong, or streets in the area of the Perfume River.

4. Attending Cooking Class

Attending Cooking Class

Eating is undoubtedly fun for most of us. But it will be more exciting if we can try to learn cooking Vietnamese dishes. You can do this activity in Hue where you will get a chance to cook some specialities of the city. If you are interested in doing it, you can simply go to Thuy Bieu Village. It is much easier if you can find a travel agent that already includes this facility.

5. Touring with a Dragon Boat

perfume river in Hue Vietnam

This trip is not complete if we do not include a boat tour into the list of best things to do in Hue Vietnam. For this facility, there is a dragon boat that will take us along the poetic river of the city, the Perfume River. During this tour, you can witness how the water can change color magically from sunrise to sunset. In addition, you will get to experience the kindness of Hue people.

Those are most but not all of the top things to do in Hue City, Vietnam. Without a doubt, each of these things will entertain us thoroughly. It will give us such unforgettable moments on our vacation.

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