Beautiful shooting locations in Dalat

Dalat is a tourist attraction thanks to its poetic and romantic beauty. Coming to Dalat City, visitors would also satisfy themselves with beautiful photos taken. The unique scenes are difficult to find elsewhere. If you are an amateur or professional photographer, please try to visit Dalat once. Then, you will be surprised with amazing destinations for your great photos.

  • Dalat Milk Farm

Coming to Da Lat Milk Farm, you will feel that you are straying to a new land. Dalat Milk Farm is located in Tutra Commune, Don Duong District, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province. It is considered as one of the most peaceful places to see when visiting Da Lat.

DaLat Milk Farm’s beauty. Photo by Jullyle

This place is attractive for young people looking for the new screen for their photos. And, Dalat Milk Farm is ideal to stop with huge fields of flowers stretching thousands of meters, romantic green lakes and lovely grass fields for the cows.

  • The Secret Garden – Dalat

This is one of the “brand new” film studios in Dalat. This destination was officially put into operation by the end of 2016. It is one of the photography paradises that make young people fall in love.

secret garden DaLat
Photo by Secret Garden

With the “naked” scenes but very attractive, visitors would be fascinated with the private beauty of Secret Garden. This is also one of the places where many couples often choose to make their wedding photos.

  • La Nha Homestay

Homestay is a unique accommodation for travelers when traveling to Dalat. La Nha Homestay is a wonderful place which you should check, not only for staying but also for taking pictures.

La Nha homestay
Cool La Nha homestay. Photo by Nguyen Hang

This homestay is located on Hoang Dieu Street, near Dalat Night Market. Coming there, visitors will be excited by the unique design; the garden is ranged in beautiful way. From the widgets to the layout of the homestay makes you fascinated.

  • Ma Rung Lu Quan (Ghost Forest)

Ma Rung Lu Quan is a beautiful place that keeps the soul of every visitor. Visiting this place, you will feel yourself lost in the beautiful and peaceful scenery. You can find the purple houses and the entrances decorated with romantic flowers at the same color.

ma rung lu quan
Ma Rung Lu Quan – a beautiful place that keeps the feet of every visitor. Photo by Van Nguyen

This will be an interesting place for those who want to find a private space to enjoy coffee or snap photos to show up with their friends.

  • Clay village (clay tunnel)

The clay village is one of the interesting and unique places to visit when staying in Dalat. The owner of this house was Trinh Ba Dung, who is labeled “crazy man” by his friends, because his hands are always clung with clay. But behind it, he wants to create a clay village that has become a strange attraction.

Clay village
Unique features of the clay village. Photo by T.O.M S-B

Visitors coming to the clay sculpture tunnel can also explore interesting arts, and take unique pictures.If you plan to come here, remember to dress comfortably to climb and move easily. And, more importantly, the cameras and phones should be always full of batteries.

If you are a person who likes to post your photos on the social media, you should come to Dalat to take pictures and discover new things. Please save the list of ideal destinations of Dalat above to get the beautiful pictures for yourself! (NT/ Vietnam Drive)

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