7 chicken delicacies in Hanoi cuisine

Crispy fried chicken, warm chicken porridge (congee), tasty chicken ‘xoi xeo’ (yellow sticky rice with fried onion), BBQ honey glazed chicken wings…are delightful dishes that you definitely should try when you want to know about Hanoi food.

Chicken wings and thighs

Chicken Wings in Hanoi
Photo: Khoa Tran

Chicken wings and thighs are coated in flour and then grilled until their skin turns to golden yellow and is crispy. The meat inside should be well-cooked and moist. There are 2 options for you to choose which are the original fried chicken served with chilli sauce, and the Korean-style fried chicken with spicy sauce. You can find these amazing dishes on Ba Trieu Street, Xa Dan Street…The price is from 70.000 VND to 100.000 VND per person.

Chicken Pho

Chicken Noodle - Hanoi Food
Photo: diendan

Chicken pho with unlaid eggs is sold on streets like Ly Quoc Su, Cua Bac, Hang Voi. After being shredded, the boiled chicken is put on the tray with unlaid eggs, and chicken organs…The broth’s taste is rich, and smell exactly the chicken taste. The bowl is quite big and is fulfilled with lots of meat, unlaid eggs, congealed blood, and organs. The price is about 35.000 VND for 1 bowl.

Black herbal chicken soup

Back chicken with herb
Photo: Long Van

Black herbal chicken soup with instant ramen noodle on Hang Bo Street are sold from 5 pm till 11 pm. The highlight of this dish is the special soup included with herbals and wormwood and seasoned so well. Chickens of this dish are the black chicken (ga ac in Vietnamese). The instant noodles and bean sprouts are boiled quickly; hence, it’s still quite crunchy while chewing. The price would be around 40.000 VND for a bowl.

Chicken congee

Hanoi food: Chicken Congee
Photo: Hoa Co May

Chicken congee is not really popular in Hanoi but there are lots of people enjoying this delightful dish. Chicken is well cooked and then is sliced into nice sized pieces. Porridge is cooked till it turns thick and hot, ladled out the bowl, served with herbs, onions, perilla, and chicken is underneath. You should add some pepper and chilli and mix it up before eating. Chicken porridge is sold in the evening on the sidewalk of Nghia Tan and Ly Quoc Su Street with the price of 20.000 VND.

Glass noodle mixed with chicken

Mien Ga in Hanoi
Photo: Duong Dinh Quang

Glass noodle mixed with chicken includes the glass noodles, shredded boiled chicken, herbs, and deep-fried peanuts, special sauce…ladled out the bowl, and mixed up. Chicken is carefully chosen, therefore the meat tastes sweet naturally. The sour-sweet sauce and the chewy glass noodles are a great harmony. Besides, you also can choose the glass noodle served with chicken broth. Glass noodle mixed with chicken are sold on many streets: Gia Ngu, Hang Hom…the price is 30.000 VND.

Chicken ‘xoi xeo’

Sticky rice with chicken in Hanoi
Photo: Nguyen Chi

Chicken ‘xoi xeo’ (yellow sticky rice with fried onion) is an amazing delicacy for the cold winter in Hanoi. The significant feature of this dish is that chicken is seasoned so well and is fried until the tasty smell starting to lure diners. You can add some chilli sauce or the sour-sweet sauce to season the dish. The grilled chicken sticky rice are sold on Nguyen Phong Sac, Lac Trung…with the price of 32.000 VND per serving.

Chicken legs

Grilled chicken legs
Photo: My Quynh

There are many dishes made from chicken legs such as mixed chicken legs with vinegar, grilled chicken legs, chicken salad, boneless chicken soup…Among them, the most popular one is the grilled chicken legs. They put honey on chicken legs then grill it until their skin has the delicious golden yellow colors. The rich taste with the sour-sweet sauce always lures people to stay. Ly Van Phuc Street is popular for this tasty dish. The price for a chicken leg is from 7.000 to 10.000 VND. (vnexpress)

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