5 nice places often missed in the Imperial City of Hue

The Imperial City Hue, Vietnam is one of the most visited cities in Vietnam. It has several popular tourist attractions that tourists often come by. Those places are like Imperial Palace (Citadel), imperial tombs, Thien Mu Pagoda, and so on. Those areas are already quite common.

Here we will share some other great spots for you to have a visit. They may not be as well-known as the others and often missed, but they are still worth enough to go.

1. Ho Quyen

Ho Quyen

The first place that is rarely visited is Ho Quyen or also known as Tiger Arena. Not only does it look like the famous Colosseum in Rome, but it also had the same function in a long time ago. Started in the 1830s, this building was used as a place where tigers and elephants fought against each other. This battle was the entertainment for the royal family at that time. You can find this place 4 km from the citadel at the south bank of Perfume River.

2. Cat Tuong Quan Zen House

 Cat Tuong Quan Zen House

Do you know about the famous Zen gardens in Japan? There is a place like that too in Imperial City Hue Vietnam. That place is called Cat Tuong Quan Zen House. This is totally the best place to come if you want a really quiet and peaceful atmosphere. In this place, the garden and pagodas are ready to amaze you. Furthermore, you can also participate in some activities like Qigong, yoga, and meditation to achieve peace of mind.

3. Thanh Toan Bridge

Thanh Toan Bridge

Thanh Toan Bridge is another tourist attraction which has the Japanese nuance. As some of you can guess, the design of the bridge is a bit similar to the old-fashioned style in Japan. This bridge was initiated by a certain wife of the high-ranked person in the reign of Emperor Le Hien Tong named Tran Thi Dao. She did it as a charitable act in order to create better transportation. In 1925, Emperor Khai Dinh ordered to build an altar as a tribute to her kindness. You can see the altar in the middle of the bridge.

4. Ngoc Son Princess Garden

Ngoc Son Princess Garden
Ngoc Son Princess Garden

Similar to Thanh Toan Bridge, Ngoc Son Princess Garden also has an interesting story behind its construction. It was begun when Princess Ngoc Son married to the head of the army of the kingdom named Nguyen Huu Tien. After they got blessed with a daughter, the princess suddenly fell into the fatal illness which caused her death. In 1921, her husband decided to establish a garden house to worship her. In this place, Nguyen and his second wife lived for the rest of their life. At the moment, their descendants have been protecting this place. In this house, you will be able to see some old stuff from the era of the princess. Besides, you can also admire its beautiful architecture.

5. Literature of Temple

Van Mieu Hue
Van Mieu Hue – photo: @h_quochuy

Van Mieu Hue – Temple of Literature also has other names: Van Thanh Hue, or Van Thanh Mieu. The temple was built under the reign of King Gia Long) from April 17, 1808, to September 12, 1808. Van Mieu faces to the south, looking at the Huong River, behind the village, the mountains, and hills. Hue Temple of Literature is a rather unique architectural work in the ancient imperial complex. There are about 50 large and small buildings, including 32 doctoral steles and 4 other steles (there are two steles written by King Minh Mang and Thieu Tri).

As you see, these places in Imperial City Hue, Vietnam deserve more true and tranquil feelings. Each of them can offer you their own unique features.

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