What to eat when traveling to Tra Vinh at the Mekong Delta, Vietnam?

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A fascinating and interesting trip is a beautiful sightseeing trip while experiencing many new things and delicious and unique dishes. Traveling to Tra Vinh, Vietnam besides seeing beautiful animals, watching the fruit gardens, the dishes there also make visitors unforgettable.

Famous food to taste in Tra Vinh at the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Banh tet com dep

Banh Tet is not strange to Vietnamese people, but coming to Tra Vinh, visitors will enjoy a special banh tet that is delicious and strange. The cake is made from flat rice, a kind of delicious rice which is harvested early and undergone a complicated process to get the rice flat – the main ingredient of the cake. The fillings are green peas which are cooked, added sugar and vanilla to make the delicious smell. Cakes can be wrapped in banana leaves or curly leaves.

bah tet com dep

Banh tet com dep. Photo by Internet

When you eat, you will feel the aroma of coconut milk in a nutmeg, fatty fat, the smell of sticky rice and mung bean sweet in the mouth. Coming to Tra Vinh at Mekong Delta if you do not try this pastry dish, it is a great omission. Especially, this is the food that can be bought as gifts for relatives and friends.

Chao am (possessed porridge)

Hearing the name “possessed porridge” is strange but it turns out to be a well-known dish. Tra Vinh people often challenge their daughters-in-law when she comes to their husband’s house with this porridge; and because overcoming this challenge is not easy, it is called the possessed porridge.

This porridge requires a thorough preparation process, from fish selection, fish processing to spices adding. The fish is boiled in a large pot and then added grilled onions, shrimps and squids. For the porridge to be delicious, local people usually take the first eggs separately then put them into the pot.

This dish is delicious, tastes special and does not get bored. The porridge is often served with a cup of spicy fish sauce.

Suong nuddle

Tra Vinh is the land of interference between cultures, so the dishes are as varied and rich. Many tourists coming to Tra Vinh are enthralled with this noodles so that they want to come back again.

This dish is made from vermicelli, fresh shrimp paste, broth with vermicelli made from pork bones for juicy and sweet. Some people add dried shrimp or dried squid to the soup for extra flavor.

Suong nuddle

Suong nuddle. Photo by Internet

Each piece of long noodles is soft and fragrant, and crispy shrimp ball made from fresh shrimp makes the noodle dish even more delicious. The taste of broth is quite special; it has a brownish color because of tamarind and seedy which also make it sour with sweet shrimp meat and fragrant smell.

Chu u roasted with tamarind

Just hearing the name of Chu u roasted with tamarind will make people feel appetite. Chu u is a crustacean living in the alluvial grounds, which has many in coastal districts.

Chu u roasted with tamarind

Chu u roasted with tamarind. Photo by Odacsan

It is not easy to catch chu u, and keeping it alive is easy as well as it only lives for a day. However, the dish is delicious, especially when it’s roasted with tamarind. The sweetness and freshness of meat mixed with the sour taste of tamarind create a delicious taste which is difficult to resist.

Coming to Tra Vinh, visitors will enjoy the delicious and unique foods and they will never forget them.

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