What is the best season of Ha Giang tourism?

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You want to see the buckwheat flower symbolize the faithful but where to see this flower? That is Ha Giang.

You want to go to the beginning of the country, want to look at the plateau with a rare charm? Come to Ha Giang.

Ha Giang has many beautiful and attractive places. But, what season is the most beautiful? That is a question that many visitors when planning to Ha Giang want to know.

There is a rare place like Ha Giang, it will be very difficult if you want to select a season most beautiful in the year. It is because the season in Ha Giang also have special beauty but the most impresses season is the season of the buckwheat flowers.

Hoa tam giac mach Ha GiangTam Giac Mach Flowers at Ha Giang – Photo by hoa k8

These are suggestions to choose the good time to visit Ha Giang.

Spring Festival

If you are lovers of excitement, love to discover the color of the ethnic, you should go to Ha Giang in early spring. At this time, people rest, so there are many festivals is held. Festivals like Buffalo Fighting, Horse Festival, and Dragon Festival will make you enjoy special and new things.

March – Plum season, peach blossom

You will be surprised because of the white sky mixed with pink flowers plum blossom, peach flowers. The fragile petals in front of the wind also cause you to be disturbed. What is more beautiful after climbing each mountain and leave the beautiful photos under the sky with romantic flowers and many memories with loved ones.

Hoa Gao – Sweet Rice Flowers on rocky plateau

In March, when the plum blossom season ends, in Ha Giang there is a red flower season that warms the heart. The rice flowers here are also called with names like Moc Mien, or Po Lang flowers. Along the road from Can Ty Commune to Dong Ha Commune in Quan Ba District, the rice grows up the bank of the river, to the season, the blooms of red rice blossom a region of heaven creates a romantic, attractive scenery.

April – Khau Vai Love market

Khau Vai love market is a special culture of the land of Ha Giang, usually held once a year on March 27 of the lunar year.  The picture of the guys, the girls is standing together, talking, and sharing things in the life.

Water season

Another feature of this area is the image of the winding terraced fields that are fed from the top of the mountain. The season usually falls within the range of May and June. This is the time when people start a new crop, the fields are replaced with new clothes and the water flows, the soil is no longer dry, a new life begins.

August, September – Rice season ripe in the highland

What better than watching the terraced fields ripe golden, each curved winding everywhere, the smell of new rice urge people to harvest. All the beautiful pictures will be in your eyes when you come to Ha Giang at this time.

October, November – Buckwheat season (Mùa hoa tam giác mạch)

Referring to the buckwheat flowers, perhaps no one is unfamiliar with Ha Giang. Pink and purple colors blend in the cold air. A couple of couples, each came here to save the beautiful photos and look romantic scenery. In addition, this time is also the time of the orange daisies blooming on the rocky plateau.

December – The season of broccoli flowers

At the end of the year, the flowers are bright yellow. Broccoli, blooming on the road, you will feel like you lost in another world, touch the mist layer under the slopes and mountains, immersed in another dimension.

Although the way to Ha Giang is difficult with the high mountains, and many passes, when coming to Ha Giang, people will forget the hard roads because of its amazing beauty. It is difficult to choose the best season to come to Ha Giang, the feelings of Vietnam Drive staff would like to share with you to plan suitable time which fixes your habit to explore this mountainous attraction. Many visitors come to Ha Giang to touch its beauty, how about you then? (Huu Nghia / Vietnam Drive)

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