Visiting Ha Giang: The land of the triangular circuit flowers

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Ha Giang is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations. The wildness has brought the new experience to tourists. They also can touch on the unique culture, enjoy the peaceful and beautiful scene.

Pho Bang - Yen Minh

A peaceful view in Pho Bang – Yen Minh. Photo by Lam Linh

The first place needs to be mentioned of is Pho Bang – Yen Minh, where is covered with the triangular circuit flowers – the beauty that belongs only to Ha Giang. In addition, discovering featured architecture is one of the interesting destinations for tourists who love arts and ancient architectures.

Sung La Valley

Continue from Pho Bang – Yen Minh, tourists will go to the peaceful and pretty Sung La Valley, where has been known as the flower of Plateau of rocks in Ha Giang. The crimson red of blooming flower gardens, the golden yellow of rice fields, the green corn fields mixed in the triangular circuit flower gardens, and the peaceful space are the reasons why this place becomes this spectacular and charming. Watching Lung Cam villagers carry their kids to the fields, brocade weaving, to explore the life of ethnic people Lo Lo, Mong, Han living in the Plateau of rocks.

Sung La Valley

Sung La Valley – the flower in the middle of the Plateau of rocks. Photo by Internet

The mansion of Vuong family

Visiting the mansion of Vuong family to admire the mansion of the richest family whose career was trading opium in the old days. The house was built with the old and ancient style of architecture. Located on a small hill, the way to the entrance has 2 rows of Samu trees that stimulate tourists’ curiosity.

the mansion of Vuong family

The ancient beauty of Vuong family’s mansion. Photo by Khanh Hmoong

Lung Cu flag tower

You should not miss out this destination – Lung Cu flag tower – a monument in northern Vietnam. With the height of 2000m, you would be fascinated by the image of the national flag fluttering in the wind on the sky, and have a chance to stand at the beginning of the letter ‘S’ on the map. The feelings of proud, love for Vietnam would be burning in their heart of every Vietnamese.

Lung Cu flag tower

Lung Cu flag tower – a monument in northern Vietnam. Photo by DutchTa

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Located on Hanh Phuc road, linking Dong Van and Meo Vac, Ma Pi Leng Pass is the most beautiful road in the Plateau of rocks. It is recommended that you should hire a private car and have a drive on this pass to enjoy the feelings of adventurous when going in between a side of the rocky mountains and another side of the deep abyss. At the meantime, you also can admire Nho Que River winding like a soft silk, the harmony of mountains, clouds, and lights mixed in that scene will bring to you a strange and unexplained emotion for a challenging trip.

Ma Pi Leng pass

Ma Pi Leng pass. Photo by Sam Photo

Lui market (Ha Giang fair)

Visiting Ha Giang – the land of the triangular circuit flowers, besides going to popular destinations, admiring the wildness and beauty of flowers, sunshine, and rocks, you also need to get to know about the local culture there. The fair preserves the traditional cultural values of Ha Giang, tourists would feel the sense, the soul of local people with interesting and unique local items.

Ha Giang fair

Ha Giang fair – featured culture of Ha Giang. Photo by Ksdlethanh

Ha Giang trip would be a ‘worth-to-try’ thing to do for you because of amazing experiences that it would bring about. Who can say no to the poetic view and the peaceful, gorgeous sense of flowers, rocks, and clouds of this picturesque land?

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