Vinh Linh Quang Tri – the diamond in the North Vietnam

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Vinh Linh has lately named after Ma Linh land, which was founded by Ly Thuong Kiet on his southern exploration (1069).

DMZ Vietnam Hien Luong Bridge at DMZ facing to Vinh Linh – photo: Vietnam Drive

From a “cruel area” dominated with bird cries and monkey howls, this land was grown up into the career. The natural calamity, the enemy, hunger and diseases can never suppress the people here. The folk-song since the earliest time of the land reclaim still exists silently with the time to foster the belief and the immortality of the life:
“Do not cry on the difficult fate
As long as there is a seed, there will be a tree”.

Vinh Linh Village in Quang Tri Province

Vinh Linh in Quang Tri has been well known by the whole nation and all over the world since the Geneva Agreement in 1954 temporarily divided Vietnam into the North and the South; Ben Hai River became the temporary border of the two sides as the DMZ in Vietnam. Vinh Linh, one district of Quang Tri province, belonged to the Northern Socialism. The history had selected this place to be the fiercest confront point between the progressive and reactionary forces of human beings, between the good and the evil of the new era, between the strong desire of a whole nation for reunification and the wicked intention of dividing the nation.

For the ambition to turn the Southern Vietnam into the new colony, the American imperialism found any means to break Geneva Agreement. They suppressed the movements of the people in the South. In addition, they provoked fights with the guarding force in Vinh Linh.

Bombs at DMZ Vietnam Bombs left Vinh Moc tunnels, Vinh Linh, Quang Tri – photo: Vietnam Drive

Especially in 1965, making up the story on the Bay of Northern Vietnam, the American imperialism opened the destructive war against the North by air and Vinh Linh Quang Tri became their first target under the attack. This land is not only the front of the Northern Socialism but also the strong rear area supplying materials and people to the South.

It is hardly imagined that Vinh Linh at Quang Tri Vietnam – the small area of less than 820km2 had suffered a terrible heavy amount of bombs and artillery dropped and shot by the American army in the air, different kinds of planes (including B52) dropped bombs; in the South, from the McNamara electronic line, dozens of artilleries aimed at the Northern bank of the Ben Hai river to shoot; In the East sea, battleships in the battle fleet No.7 continuously fired at Vinh Linh.

Every day the sound of bomb and artillery was never silent in Vinh Linh district during the period 1965-1972. For 8 years, the enemy dropped in this land more than half a million tons of bombs and artillery ammunition. On the average, each person of Vinh Linh had to suffer 7 tons of bomb and ammunition.

With the traditional bravely in fights against the invaders, the people and the military of Vinh Linh under the direction of the Party and Uncle Ho stayed to protect the village and the land regardless of the sacrifice. They kept the belief in their heart that “Nothing is as precious as independence and freedom” is the right and holy way of living, the right to be the human being. The diamond was brightened in the smoke of the battle.

It is the strength and the miracle of creativity that people here had made constructions of wonder. It is tunnels for village people deep under the ground, which scattered around Vinh Linh area. This has become the legend of the twentieth century lately. Vinh Linh deserves the Uncle Ho’s compliment:
“The American army was smashed
How heroic Vinh Linh is! The five continents all praise”.

Quang Tri Management Board of relics and tourist sights.

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