Unforgettable local food dishes in Quang Binh, Vietnam

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Speaking of Quang Binh, you will surely remember the familiar, simple but hearty dishes for those who have stopped by. Just like every other area, Quang Binh also has its own unique dishes of wind and sand, so let’s discover Quang Binh cuisine in the following article.

Quang Binh, a land is not only famous for Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Mooc stream, beautiful coast but also has the story of the history of national heroism. It is also the name of a land with many specialities with typical culinary characteristics that make people here keep on forever.

Some famous local food in Quang Binh to taste

Khoai deo – Dry Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is a common potato, usually processed into many delicious dishes such as baked sweet potato, soup, jam, fried … very familiar and everyone knows. But in Quang Binh, the sweet potato is nicely processed into Khoai Deo, which is the only speciality in this area.

Unforgettable dishes in Quang Binh

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The process of making Khoai Deo is as simple as the lives of people here. Potatoes for a while to reduce the fresh but not sprouting then washed, boiled, peeled, and sliced thinly. It is exposed in the midst of the sun, as sharp as possible until the sweet potatoes’ color changes. Eating potato with hot tea is too wonderful for those who want to enjoy dishes that taste the cuisine of Quang.

Unforgettable dishes in Quang Binh

Photo by Hai Dang

Brown rice pancakes (Banh Xeo gao lut)

Different from other all kinds of pancakes are often seen, Quang cuisine has rice pancakes made of red rice flour with beautiful floating patterns.

To make brown rice crackers, the process of making bread is very elaborate. Firstly, people have to soak the brown rice for several hours, grind with stone mortar until smooth, and then bring flour to pour the cake. Want to taste more delicious, you should give a little green onion, a little salt.

The process of pouring brown rice pancakes is not different than ordinary pancakes. However, the side dishes with brown rice pancakes are different from the normal pancakes, because of the banana fish and dumplings according to the taste of Quang Binh. This dish is very simple, people use the blue banana soak with lemon water to reduce the dark, then chopped, boiled and dipped in the sauce. You use rice paper rolls when eating Quang Binh rice pancakes, which add more bananas, so pancakes are eaten strange and delicious.

Unforgettable dishes in Quang Binh

Photo by Ma Lum

Quang Binh’s mussel rice paper (Chat Chat Banh Trang Quang Binh)

Is a type of mussel in the mouth of the river, people catch on and boil to get the meat, then processed this dish, known as Hue rice dumplings.  Using rice paper to eat, simple but delicious. Mussels are also stir-fried with jackfruit and betel leaves, are the variations of this folk dish. Those who have come to Quang Binh have been complimented the food is rich nutrition and delicious.

Unforgettable dishes in Quang Binh

Photo by Tigon

Bombay duck fish’s hot pot (Lau Ca Khoai)

The Bombay fish duck is a kind of fish have soft bone, pappy meat so many people called it like the porridge. This fish in Quang Binh are caught and brought to the shore soon so guests can eat fresh meat more delicious than other places. It is marinated with the usual spices to make the hot pot. When eating, people gathered around the pot of water, put the fish in boiling water, boiling a little again to eat hot and delicious.

Unforgettable dishes in Quang Binh

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As in other regions, Quang Binh cuisine is no less special, familiar but deep in its own home. Those who have been to Quang Binh do not miss the interesting, sweet from this delicious cuisine.

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