Travel to Vietnam in December

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December is starting for tourist season in Vietnam for foreign tourists. The weather conditions in the north and south, as well as in central regions are cool although it often rains, but not every day. It has cool temperature, so travelers will feel good to do many outdoor activities.

Phu Quoc & Mui Ne, and towards the end of the month Nha Trang becomes a good choice. That’s still alright to do the tours in the mountains and highlands, although temperatures are low, especially at night.

Duc Ba Church - Sai Gon - Ho Chi Minh

What to expect when you travel to Vietnam in December

22 December is the celebration of Military of Vietnam.
24 & 25 December is Christmas time. Although this is new influences, you can find Christmas tree everywhere.
30 December & 1 January are the time to prepare, and welcome New Year.

Train tickets and airline tickets are sold out quickly. You should book them early in advance, especially from 15 December to 15 January.

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