Pick-up times of airport transfer in Vietnam

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Vietnam Drive hopes you have spent a great time in Vietnam for your holidays.

Please note the following pick-up times from your hotel for your flight departure in Vietnam:
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These times are suggested to transfer to the airports with the location of the hotels in city center. Thus, please ask us for better the time to transfer to the airport if your hotels locate further than the city center.

Time to transfer to the airport

Domestic flights departing from Phu Bai airport in Hue and Da Nang airport and most of other destinations within Vietnam: 2 hours prior to your flight departure time.

Domestic flights departing from Saigon and Hanoi: 2.5 hours prior to your flight departure time.

International flights departing from Saigon, Ha Noi and Da Nang: 3 hours prior flight departure time.

We highly recommend that you should re-confirm domestic flights you have booked at least one working day prior to your departure and your international flights three days prior to your departure. The receptionist at your hotel will be able to assist with this.

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