Places to visit in Phu Yen Province Vietnam

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When traveling to Phu Yen Province, Central Vietnam, you will be astonished by the breath-taking sights of nature. Attractive yet not so sophisticated, Phu Yen offers visitors with experience. If you are still uncertain about choosing a place to visit, here’s the list of destinations we would like to recommend.

What to see in Phu Yen Province, Vietnam

Nhan Tower

Located near Da Rang river, Nhan Tower was built around 11th -12th century by the people of Champa and is one of  Tuy Hoa province’s notable scenery. You can see its majestic top standing between the forest and the gently flowing river. With its unique design, Nhan Tower has been attracting many tourists to come and enjoy.

Legend has it that the tower was built in the direction of the sun, which symbolizes life, proliferation and development. It has a quadrilateral shape with 4 storeys and is about 23.5 meters in height. The more you climb, the more the tower seems to shrink. While exploring the tower, tourists can also see the mini-sized Tuy Hoa city from its top.

Nhan Tower - Phu Yen

Photo by FAN

Hon Yen Island

Hon Yen island (An Hoa commune, Tuy An province), which is 20km far from Tuy Hoa city center in the northeast, is one of the promising destinations tourists can’t miss.

On low tide days, visitors can take a long walk along the coast, climb on the rocks and take a good look around the poetic view of the sea or the flickering houses. Hon Yen also offers a variety of beautiful corals, which tourists can see for themselves and take photos.

Hon Yen Island - Phu Yen

Photo by Tuan Khai

This island is also a favorite destination for teenagers who are eager to explore new things. It is an ideal place for young couples to take wedding photos and keep their sweet memories in the album.

Wave blocking rocks in Ro village

If you love being “checked in” in stunning places or want to take amazing photos, you can try visiting the wave blocking rocks in Ro village (Phu Dong Ward, Tuy Hoa City).

These concrete piles of rocks were once used for blocking the waves and preventing the landslide during stormy days. As the time passes, the moss began to gather around the edges of the rocks and turned them into a whole new look. Now, the rocks became popular to the tourists in general and teenagers in particular.

Wave blocking rocks in Ro village - Phu Yen

Photo by Quoc Bao Tran Hoang

When the dawn is about to come, you can see the sunlight glistening the water surface and reflecting on the moss-covered rocks, which are floating and sinking in half.

The list above has provided you with the information you need when choosing a destination in Phu Yen. Be sure to arrange your time carefully – because Phu Yen is a place you really don’t want to leave once you learn the ropes. (Minh Yen/ Vietnam Drive)

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