How long is flight to Vietnam from UK?

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Vietnam is located in the Southeast Asia with interesting culture, nice nature, amazing cuisine, long history and typical lifestyle. Vietnam is now a popular destination for many guests from United Kingdom as well as in the world.

The fastest time to travel to Vietnam from United Kingdom is to travel by air. How long is flight to Vietnam from UK?
Hanoi Airport Vietnam
Direct flights:
From UK to Vietnam is 10,015km far away. The guests from UK can take the direct flights to Vietnam from London, UK. These can departure every day of the week. The flight to Vietnam from UK takes 12 hours 15 minutes for direct flights.

Some flights fly to Ho Chi Minh City and some to Hanoi Vietnam. The flights has departure time from Healthrow Aiport, London to Vietnam at 11:00am (the local time of UK); and arrive at Vietnam at 5:45am of the next day (the local time of Vietnam).

Please note this information is estimated when you fly with Vietnam Airlines with direct flights.

Transit flights:
There are many flights departing at different cities in United Kingdom. They can fly to Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore before transiting to Vietnam.

When you use these flights, you need to wait around 3 hours at these airports of other countries above.

Thus, total time of transit flights to Vietnam from UK take around 16 hours to use a transit flight to Vietnam from UK.

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