Famous playgrounds for children in Ha Noi, Vietnam

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Where are good places for children to play in Hanoi Vietnam? Especially, Hanoi is often very warm. Therefore, the criteria for choosing a place to play is spacious, airy and especially not too far to save time.

Top places for children to play in Ha Noi Vietnam

1. Ho Tay Water Park

This is considered one of the best places when choosing a place to have fun. The park is very spacious, lots of greenery and plenty of games to play. Your children will have chance to exchange and learn many experiences. Ho Tay Water Park is the good place that many children wants to go.

Ho Tay Water Park

Ho Tay Water Park is also an ideal place for relaxation, recreation and a healthy cultural playground for children. Coming to Ho Tay Water Park, the children can enjoy a lot of games both underwater and land. On the special occasions, Ho Tay Water Park organized a photo contest “Summer Baby” as a gift to children.

2. Nature museums or ethnological museums

The museum will be the ideal address for fun, exploration and education. One of the famous museums for children is the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. On special occasions, the museum welcomes many children coming here to enjoy and participate in various activities to help children familiar with interesting folk games.

Nature museums or ethnological museums

3. Tiniworld Playground

Tini World is a modern park with over 20 corners, that is divided into separate areas suitable for all ages and interests of children.

It’s a playground with lots of games like a ball house, a sandbox, a fishing lake, Hot Wheels, Barbies corner, Baby Box, and DIY cooking’s corner. There is also candy buffet that attract many young children.Tiniworld Playground

Tini World is available in many major shopping centres in Hanoi.

4. The circus and theatre

The circus, theater

The central circus and Vietnam Water Puppet Theater, and Youth Theater will organize many exciting shows for children. The children will be welcome to enjoy the show to learn more about the culture of Vietnam. Circus and water puppetry are the arts that children love very much. (chudu24)

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