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Dear friends, have you plan for your trip in this summer yet? If you are still wondering, I would like to suggest you a hot tourist destination this summer, it is Co To island with beautiful scenery, cool fresh air, fresh quality seafood at affordable prices that are very suitable for young people, and also a perfect option for families looking for a place of peace and relaxation.

Co To

Co To Island – View from Co To lighthouse. Photo by Son Yama

When you go to Co To, you can rent bicycles, motorbikes or taxis to move to the famous tourist destinations here. Here are the most popular tourist attractions of Co To

Co To Lighthouse

Located at 101 meters height of the island, Co To Lighthouse was built in the 19th century, which attracts many tourists because it is one of the most beautiful lighthouses in our country. From here, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Co To. Looking far, you can see the mainland and small Co To islands. All created a beautiful scene. Scenery here will capture the full range of your eyes. If you travel to Co To, do not miss this site.

Co To Lighthouse

Co To Lighthouse. Photo by Internet

Cau My Rocky beach

Continue exploring the beautiful island along with Cau My rocky beach, also known as Dragon claw, which is a natural gift for a unique system of sedimentary rocks in Vietnam. The cliffs are washed away by tides over tens of thousands of years creating exotic shapes and unique colors.

Cau My Rocky Beach

Cau My Rocky Beach – Where to get the most beautiful sunrise of the island. Photo by Muahedianche

Road of love

Coming to the romantic space for the couples on Co To Island, it is the road of love. Not to be confused with other romance spaces in Korea, the road of love is made up of red bricks and rows of shallow blue pines on both sides of the road and the sea breeze blowing in the wind. The space is very romantic as the scene in the Korean film. This is probably an ideal place to save sweet moments for couples.

road of love in Co To

The romantic scene of the road of love in Co To. Photo by Internet

Hong Van Beach

The next destination is Hong Van beach. This is known as the most beautiful beach Co To, with clear blue sea water has created a quiet and calm space, bringing a strange feeling of relaxation.

Hong Van beach in Co To

Sunset on Hong Van beach. Photo by Internet

In the evening, visitors will enjoy the fresh seafood in the romantic and warm atmosphere of the lighthouse and the sea breeze. There are also wooden huts which are built right on the white sand and facing the sea, creating a sense of both deserted and modern.

Hong Van beach in Co To

Romantic and cozy space beside the lighthouses. Photo by Trung Jones

Co To Island’s Child

Finally, we would like to introduce to you the Co To island’s child, a place not to be missed when traveling to Co To. It is about 1 km from Co To Island. Tourists can rent wooden boats to admire the beauty of this uninhabited island. Guests can camp right on the beach and spend the night here, the island promises to bring exciting experiences for those who love adventure and novelty.

Co To Island’s child

The sweet and wild beauty of Co To Island’s child. Photo by Buianhha

The summer is about to end, hurried up if you have plans to come to Co To. Here you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the peaceful natural of a blue sea, white sand, where the time rests, to have real relaxation moments after stressful working days. Wish you have an enjoyable trip. (Kang Nguyen/ Vietnam Drive)

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