Cau Ngu Festival in Thai Duong Ha in Thua Thien Hue

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This traditional festival of Thai Duong Ha village, in Thuan An town, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien Hue province is organized every year on the 12th of the first lunar month in memory of the village’s tutelary god Truong Quy Cong (Truong Thieu). He was a native of Thanh Hoa province, who had merit to reclaim this land and taught the locals fishing and trading.

Cau Ngu - Catching Fish Festival in Hue Vietnam Cau Ngu Festival in Hue – Photo phunuonline

At 2 am on the 12th day, the chánh tế rite begins. An oration is presented to the deities and the village’s predecessors to pray for peaceful, happy and prosperous life to everybody. A woman, on behalf of the whole women in the village, pays homage to the tutelary god. The chánh tế rite ends at 4 am. As the sun rises, a festival to pray for abundant fish is held.

Most of the fishermen converge on the wharf near the communal house to participate in this festival. The fishermen on the boat cast a net to catch “fish and shrimps”. Following is the performance of selling sea products. The performance lasts more than one hour. Through these performances, fishermen want to express their wishes about good weather and a season of abundant fish. After that, participants enjoy a feast at the communal house.

The festival is followed by a skiff rowing race on Tam Giang Lagoon. The race takes place ebulliently and lasts until the afternoon. The race’s meaning is to pray for a life with adequate food and clothing, a good harvest of fish and a bumper crop. Cau Ngu Festival has become a festival of the whole community and of optimism and hope. It is also a source of encouragement so that fishermen can overcome difficulties in their life and work.

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