6 reasons to travel Ben Tre – Mekong Delta during holidays in Vietnam

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You will begin to travel to Vietnam for your holidays? And you would find a nice destination to get unique experience in the south of Vietnam, why not try to travel to coconut’s land – Ben Tre on the Mekong Delta in the South of Vietnam?

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We check the reasons to come to Ben Tre – the Mekong during holidays in Vietnam

1. Cool weather

Ben Tre is located in downstream of the Mekong River, with the vast of the river system, so the climate is cool. Located in the Mekong Delta, the land is suitable for a wide variety of fruit trees.

You can row through the rivers, pass through the canals to admire the banks, or go under the cool fruit gardens is a good choice in hot weather.

Ben Tre MekongPhoto @hiroshidayon

2. Beautiful scenery

Ben Tre has been famous for its sights, located on the rivers, canals, the beauty of this land appeared through rivers winding, rice fields laden.

In addition, it is famous for small islets on the river, creating a very distinctive character than the surrounding areas.

If you love the beauty of the water here, you can choose Con Phung, Con Oc or Con Tien as your attractions. Rowing boats on the river or picking coconut water will be a completely new experience.

In addition, Ben Tre also has fruit orchards with beautiful fruits. There is also Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary, where is the home of over 500,000 storks, cauldrons and other wild birds.

Ben Tre MekongPhoto @bentrequetoi

3. Fruits in season

Cai Mon Fruit Garden in Ben Tre is the largest fruit garden in the South. This place is cultivated alluvium by the two rivers Co Chieng and Ham Luong, so the climate is temperate, fruit trees are good.

You can go to the garden, experience the feeling of hand picking each bunch of rambutans, listen to the gardener introducing the process of caring for each plant, or look to buy durian which are famous here.

Ben Tre Mekongphoto @andiezhao

4. Friendly and hospitable people

Characteristics of the people in the Mekong Delta in general and Ben Tre in particular are friendly and hospitable. People here are always honest, rustic, and positive.

Surely, you will receive the attentive care if you choose the type of homestay travel. The hostess here is also extremely hospitable, always smil friendly to tourists when they visit.

Ben Tre Mekong Photo @fatouchkasw1

5. Many delicious dishes

This land has a culinary culture associated with coconut trees such as coconut candy, coconut rice paper and coconut cakes.

When you visit the stops in Ben Tre, you can see the coconut candy process and directly participate in the process to complete this famous candy.

Ben Tre people use coconut water as a material to make food more flavorful. Cooking meat and shrimp with coconut water are delicious dishes here.

Grilled banana served with coconut is the favourite dish of Ben Tre teenagers.

Ben Tre Mekong Delta Vietnam

6. Fun garden game

What is more interesting than a group of friends joining the game swinging the rope through the pond, or biking through the 20cm wide bridge in Ben Tre. Currently, there are many eco-tourist sites with many interesting and fun games.

What are you waiting for? Put your backpack up and go! Ben Tre at Mekong Delta that is for your holidays in Vietnam.

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